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Charamel GmbH based in Cologne/Germany has been developing avatar software and applications since 1999. With VuppetMaster®, we are setting a new standard in even more lively communication with the help of avatars.
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VuppetMaster® - a product from the German software company Charamel!

Next Generation of Living.Communcation!

Our vision is to make interactive applications feel more natural and human through virtual personalities. Avatars manage to create an organic interaction with the user thanks to their body language and their way of addressing the user, combined with their intonation. Through multimodality and user-friendliness, avatars establish a social connection between user and machine which, ultimately, facilitates human-machine-interaction and therefore benefit the user experience. For more than 18 years we are proud to be a part of this revolutionary industry, developing software for widely recognized companies in industries such as service, retail and research.

VuppetMaster® is the first cloud-based service in our product portfolio. It offers an inexpensive way of adding avatars to your application or website without being restricted by platforms, operating-systems or technical knowledge. We have developed VuppetMaster® with a clear intention in mind – making it usable and accessible for everyone – for a variety of use cases like research and software development – educationally, commercially or privately.

VuppetMaster® enables the user to quickly create avatar-scripts with ease. These scripts can then be used in a scenario of your choice – depending on the license.

The success of VuppetMaster® revolves around its users and that’s why we want to involve YOU – the user – into the development process as much as possible! We have set up a forum for the community to gather, discuss new features, share your own work and ideas and the most important thing – give valuable feedback. We are developing VuppetMaster® with the user in mind and to revolutionize the way people experience a virtual assistant.

Some of you might ask: “Where does the name ‘VuppetMaster®’ even come from?” Pretty simple, honestly. Vuppet is a neologism which deducts from the words “Virtual” and “Puppet”; “Master” making you the director. The virtual puppet-master of your avatars.

We are excited to hear from you and your experiences with us and our product. We encourage you to send us feedback, questions and suggestions!

VuppetMaster® – software Made in Germany!

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