VuppetMaster®- 3D Avatars easy to animate!

VuppetMaster® is a cloud-based development environment for creating and running Avatar-based interactive 3D applications. VuppetMaster® offers a plethora of features to provide a satisfying user experience. The software is designed to run on all current web browsers and mobile devices. WebGL/Web3D ensure a hassle-free browser implementation paired with high-quality rendering and 3D animation without the requirement for any additional plug-ins! VuppetMaster® is the first software of its kind. We are able to offer a similar experience to both, proficient developers and people without extensive technical knowledge, thanks to the authoring tool! Building interactive scenarios, product tours and more with an Avatar has never been this easy!

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Storybuilder – the comfortable authoring tool

Anyone can become a producer with the VuppetMaster® Storybuilder!

The authoring-tool is easy to use and has a variety of features to choose from. Scripts are the actions of your avatar and resemble the core of the storybuilder. There are four different types of scripts: TTS, emotions, gestures and camera movements. The intuitive drag & drop style system allows for quick and easy editing and dynamic arrangement of your scripts.

  • Convenient drag & drop mechanism makes it easy to use for everyone
  • Real-time rendering animation with live preview
  • “One click” creation
  • Flexible and customer-specific

The storybuilder is the main tool for creating and maintaining your avatar.

3D High-Quality Rendering

VuppetMaster® renders independently of the device or browser it is running on. This means no additional software is required for an application to run smoothly.

  • WEB GL rendering – no additional software or plugins required
  • Overlay mode available; avatars can be permanently set on top of an application or website
  • Flexible camera settings
  • Large motion setup preconfigured
  • Facial Animation Set (Emotions)
  • Automatic lip synchronization


VuppetMaster® offers a large set of emotions, gestures, effects, camera angles and movements and much more. You can use this toolset as a resource for every avatar. If the existing portfolio does not fit your needs, you are able to create and integrate your own desired animations with our help, utilizing special hardware.

  • Automatic animation generation
  • Large library of available movements & poses
  • Easy drag and drop of motions in timeline
  • Facial Animation Set (Emotions)
  • Creation and Control of user defined cameras
  • Automatic lip-synchronization of voice output

Speech & Voice

A huge speech & voice portfolio at your disposal. In addition, you can also integrate sound files!

  • Text-to-speech systems with over 50 languages and more than 150 voices
  • Languages come from the market leaders Amazon Polly. Additional leading TTS-systems are coming soon!
  • Or just upload a sound that the avatar should make. VuppetMaster takes care of lip-synching [coming soon!]


VuppetMaster® provides a variety of additional avatars in addition to those which are included in the respective service package. New avatars are available in the shop. We are currently working on even more flexible design options for your own avatar.

  • Up to 5 avatars depending on the service package
  • More avatars / characters are available in the shop
  • Creation and integration of customized characters on request
  • Use more avatars in your project
  • Easily swap out avatars at any time

You are 3D character developer and you like to share your characters with the community via VuppeMaster®  and get some benefit back? Send us an e-mail! E-mail contact


The VuppetMaster® dashboard is the main hub which lets you manage and ultimately publish your projects. From here you can assign more people to your project and make it collaborative. You can work alone or in a team on the projects. Once you’ve created your project, you can publish it.

  • Achieve common goals faster! You can form teams with the VuppetMaster® Dashboard! VuppetMaster® allows collaboration so projects become more efficient together.
  • Due to VuppetMaster® being an online service, your data is stored in the cloud. Giving you and your team access whenever you need it.

Asset Store

In need of additional voices, another avatar or certain assets? No problem! The Asset Store always provides new products!

Also: If you have your own 3D assets that you would like to share with the community, contact us!

  • Ready-made content that improves your VuppetMaster® projects and makes them more versatile.
  • Lots of different contents
  • Whatever you need: TTS, graphics, models, scripts, and more
  • Integrate and offer your assets

You have 3D characters and like to share them with the community via VuppeMaster® Store and get some benefit back? Send us an e-mail! E-mail contact 

Technical Information:

  • Real-time Animation Software
  • Cloud-based Service
  • Hosting of avatars and ressourcen
  • New and modular JavaScript render engine
  • Support of all current desktop and mobile browsers supporting WebGL
    • Edge – ab Version 40
    • Firefox – ab Version 4.0
    • Chrome – ab Version 9
    • Safari –  ab Version 5.1
    • Opera – ab Version 12
  • The behaviour, actions and reactions of the avatars are defined by control commands comparable to scripts for real actors.
  • Script with a special JSON syntax
  • Easy integration into websites by using Java Script, Angular or React
  • Server-sided Text-to-Speech for generation speech:
  • Automatic lip synchronization
  • additional tools and functions are coming soon!
1 Domain
1 Avatar included (female)
> 25 Languages / >50 Voices
100.000 characters Speech-Limit (TTS)
VM Storybuilder
Non-Commercial License
6 Months License Period during Education (extension possible)
no support included
Free for Education purposes
Additional Purchases available!
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1 Domain
2 Avatar included (male/female)
> 25 Languages / >50 Voices
1 Million characters Speech-Limit (TTS)
VM Storybuilder
Commercial License
12 Months Minimum License Period, automatic renewal
14 Days FREE Trial Period
no support included
Additional Purchases available!
Upfront Payment per year 178,80 €
only 99,00 € per month
4 Domains
5 Avatar included (male/female)
> 25 Languages / >50 Voices
6 Million characters Speech-Limit (TTS)
VM Storybuilder
Commercial License
12 Months Minimum License Period, automatic renewal
14 Days FREE Trial Period
email-support included
Additional Purchases available!
Upfront Payment per year 1.188 €
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