VuppetMaster®- 3D Avatars easy to animate!

VuppetMaster® is a cloud-based development environment for creating and running Avatar-based interactive 3D applications. VuppetMaster® offers a plethora of features to provide a satisfying user experience. The software is designed to run on all current web browsers and mobile devices. WebGL/Web3D ensure a hassle-free browser implementation paired with high-quality rendering and 3D animation without the requirement for any additional plug-ins! VuppetMaster® is the first software of its kind. We are able to offer a similar experience to both, proficient developers and people without extensive technical knowledge, thanks to the authoring tool! Building interactive scenarios, product tours and more with an Avatar has never been this easy! Sign up for a free trial and get access immediately!

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VuppetMaster® - one tool & a lot of advantages!

Quick and easy real-time animation of 3D Avatars. Create your own Avatar or choose from our portfolio and put it on your website – it’s that simple! Enhance the appearance and functionality of your website and application with the presence of a virtual assistant. Let VuppetMaster® augment the user experience on your platform!

Easy to use

VuppetMaster® is easy to use. As a cloud service, avatars can be produced, animated and published on any page. All this works in real time!


VuppetMaster® is based on WebGL and enables 3D animation in all current browsers, operating systems and devices.

Open Platform

Open interface for both input and output programming. Thus sensors, AI systems, databases and integration into applications can be realized via HTML5!


More than 50 TTS languages are at your disposal. Integration of recorded speech and automated lip-syncing are available as well.

Supported Browsers

Supports of all common browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari and operating systems like Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Mac OS.

Authoring tool

The authoring-tool lets you craft scenarios for your avatar. It’s basically a drag and drop editor for emotions, movements and speech. Easy and intuitive.

Your own avatar? 3 simple steps

Integrating an avatar on your website or an application as easy as ever. Just follow the 3 simple steps below.
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All Platforms

VuppetMaster® supports every major platform. Whether you are mobile, desktop or TV. HTML5 allows for VuppetMaster® to display avatars on all devices, browsers and operating systems. The integration is fast and easy!

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