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Virtual Trainer
Effective knowledge transfer and increasing learning process through Virtual Trainers with more emotion and direct feedback interaction!
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Avatar-based Trainings for effective Learing

Unlike existing training or training events, avatars increase flexibility. Significantly less effort has to be put into the organization and learning content can be easily revised and updated. An interactive avatar-based training aims at effective knowledge transfer and increases the learning process.

The Virtual Trainer is mapped in a technical system. With facial expressions and gestures the content to be learned is conveyed comprehensibly by this avatar and ensures a better receptivity. A knowledge transfer in an entertaining and interactive way becomes more attractive and enhances the memory. The face-to-face communication also provides acceptance in the learning process and a higher identification. Whether it’s training, queries, quality assurance training or audits, a virtual trainer is available in many fields of application.

VuppetMaster® is a technical extension to training systems. An adaptation in and with third-party systems can be easily realized.

Benefits of Virtual Trainer?

  • Cost reduction

  • Availability 24/7

  • Independent of place and time

  • Multilingual

  • Easy to maintain

  • Higher attention and emotional attachment

  • More learning motivation

  • Expandable with AR/VR and AI

  • Implementable in third-party systems


  • E-Learning
  • Tutorials
  • Online-Instructions
  • Languages coach
  • Webinars
  • Procedures
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