VuppetMaster® Education

VuppetMaster® Education

0,00  for 6 months and a 9,90  sign-up fee

VuppetMaster for students attending schools, colleges or universities!

Everything you need to get started! You will get access to all features! Use VuppetMaster for a new way of communication!

We encourage the work with VuppetMaster in education and research. You are a student and would like to use VuppetMaster for educational purposes, research projects or theses? No problem! For this reason, students and doctoral candidates (with appropriate proof) can get the educational license of VuppetMaster. This version of our software is made for students and other attendees of educational facilities. It is also possible to use it for private purposes (e.g. studies, qualification work). Acquisition by institutions is not possible. Non-Commercial license – commercial projects are not allowed.

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VuppetMaster EDUCATION for students, universities and schools for FREE!

Everything you need to get started! You will get access to all functions with a corresponding scope of services! Get started and use VuppetMaster for your  projects!

License Period: 6 months – no automatic renewal!

There will be a status check. If necessary, further information will be requested.

  • easy to use
  • 1 domain included
  • 1 Avatar included (Mika)
  • 100,000 characters speech volume included
  • all available languages
  • 6 month term, no automatic extension!
  • no commercial projects
  • free for 6 months
  • accept our terms and conditions
  • Registation: Use your university e-mail address!!!!

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